Who loves the Poetry Game?


Mark Dosch Wizard Window Washer, Non-Poet“The Poetry Game is wonderful, creative fun. I had never written poetry before, but this process empowered me to write poems in a way that is joyful and angst free! I can’t recommend it enough.”
— David Rabin, WPFW Radio Host, Non-Poet

“For someone who is ‘poetry-phobic’ it is surprisingly easy and fluid to master”
— Mark Dosch, Window Washer, Poet-Phobe


Yael Flusberg Busboys and Poets reading

“A stark raving game of poetic madness.”
— Yael Flusberg, Poet, Healer, Writing Instructor

“Lyrically liberating.”
— Tosha Terry, Word Meister, Performance Poet


“Zahara came to Boston University and shared her Poetry Game with my Arts Leadership class. The students absolutely loved the experience and surprised themselves with the power of their poetry. At the end of the semester, students wrote that Zahara and her poetry game were the most celebrated of all the guest speakers. They said, “I never knew that I could write like that.”;  “Zahara is the most caring, inspirational woman. Her poetry game is the bomb!”;  “When I grow up, I want to be Zahara.”
–Jeanette Guillemin, Interim Director, School of Visual Arts, Boston University

“Students were extremely engaged and participated fully — even a student who I know to be very withdrawn.”

— Teacher from Burrville Elementary School summer program

“Students were given many opportunities to think critically and engage in creative problem solving while expanding vocabulary”
— Elementary School Teacher, DC Public School

“Everything was perfect. Thank you so much for the effort. You put a lot of thought and creativity in this amazing game.”
— Arabic Instructor, University of Maryland

Young People

Students at UMD playing the Arabic Poetry Game“Stress-free writing, and creative space in my busy life.”
— Student at UMD Arabic Summer Language Institute

“While playing The Poetry Game I learned that I love to be creative.”
— Student from MOMIES summer program

“What I learned about myself was that I have more inside”
— Student from Stuart-Hobson Middle School summer program

Old(ish) People

“I like the Poetry Game because it brings out my creative juices….My mind immediately my mind starts churning out ideas. I find myself getting creative, getting into the mood of writing something that I and others might enjoy.”
— Frank, Iona Senior Center

“Este juego es más que un un juego, para mi es un ejercicio mental y espiritual.” (More than a game, for me it is an intellectual and spiritual experience.)
— Maria Mercedes, Participant, Iona Senior Services

Other Cool People

“Everyone should play this game, young or old, because it allows us to be present.”
— Courtney Tolbert, Program Coordinator, Iona Senior Center